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These subjects are female Chinese artists living in New York. One could not avoid portraying the drastic changes happening in the environment around them and their effects.


Restrictions on social activities, isolation from loved ones, and the constant news cycle of ongoing Asian hate attacks. These kinds of incidents or states of affairs made it difficult for them to remain optimistic.


It was during this special period, with the support of my friends, that I started to shoot this project.

From illustrators, musicians, tattoo artists to multimedia artists, these women stayed feminine but tough, bound yet free. My connection to them is not just through the lenses, the ropes, or the physical display. We are also bound by spiritual communication and accumulated lived experiences.


The world has changed tremendously in the past two years. For us, this change is not necessarily for the better, but it has allowed us to feel more comfortable being ourselves.


In the aftermath of Covid, what awaits us? I’m wondering how will these artists reveal the next chapter in their lives.

With expectations and blessings for them, continue to live up to my photographic aspirations.

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